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08-19-11, 02:06 PM
One of our Solon posters recently sent me a PM, suggesting that I start a thread that listed all honors and awards to Comet teams and athletes. His reasoning was that he liked the idea of having only one place to look for such information, rather than hunting from thread-to-thread.

I agreed. So I'm starting this thread as a repository for weekly rankings by Solon teams; indiviual honors; team honors; scholarship offers, etc.

Let me start by pointing out that Solon was ranked #9 in Ohio in calpreps.com's preseason rankings. The Comets open the season ranked #65 in the nation.

Solon missed out on maxpreps.com's national Top 100. The Comets were one of the "Ten who just missed the cut."

08-19-11, 08:35 PM
Thanks Meta.

As far as offers, it is written that Tres Barksdale, WR (class 2012) has an FBS offer from Ohio U.

Also offers from Bryant & Notre Dame College (OH).

That's all the offers I find at preseason time.

09-09-11, 03:41 PM
Austin Stock (class of 2012) was made a football offer from Cornell.

The Big Red have three players from St.Eds already on their roster.

Austin already had an Air Force offer.

10-19-11, 02:34 PM
Austin Stock has received an offer from the Bucknell Bison.

His list now also includes FCS Cornell, Lehigh, Colgate, Georgetown, the Butler Bulldogs and FBS Air Force.

11-16-11, 03:50 PM
Austin Stock received a football offer from Alderson-Broaddus College. :shrug:
Yes, the Battler's from Philippi are starting football in 2012, have a head Coach and a new field under construction.

Austin's other offers incl. the Columbia Lions, Cornell Big Red, Colgate, Lehigh, Bucknell & everybody's favorite Div.1 offer - a service academy, this one is Air Force.

Butler has been dropped from his list.

11-17-11, 08:06 PM
Haven't heard much about Nate Hoff lately, in fact, for much of season. Any new news?

He shows to have FBS offers from E.Mich, W.Mich, Central Mich, Kent, Toledo, Ball Sate, B-G, & the obligatory Service Academies - AF & Navy.

11-22-11, 09:34 AM
Austin Stock received an offer from Note Dame College of Ohio.

11-29-11, 09:40 AM
Associated Press released their 2011 All-Ohio honors today.

Nick Davidson, LB, was named to the 1st Team. The diminutive player joined a prestigious listof Ohio linebackers. This morning I saw his name in a story about players that tOSU is seeking.
Note that the release by A-P this morning also shows Nick as a 3rd team selection. That is not a PD error, it was also printed in another state paper. The Dispatch, Beacon-Journal and Repository did not have the story posted yet. Other city papers only covered their local athletes.

Ryan Schwenke, DB was a 2nd Team selection for the Comets

Solon High Team was 10th in the Final AP Poll for 2011.

11-29-11, 02:48 PM
Cory Stuart, 6'1", 170# WR has received an offer from the University of Dayton Flyers.

Good to see UD keeping tabs on the Comet talent.

12-15-11, 10:56 AM
Today, Scouting Ohio reports that Austin Stock has committed to play for the Columbia University Lions.

12-19-11, 12:02 PM
Posted on the High School Football Forum along with Nick Davidson's selection to the Plain Dealers 2011 High School Football All-Star team @ linebacker.

Congratulations to Both Austin and Nick. Two Solon Stars whom will be sorely missed. Best of luck to both.

12-21-11, 04:10 PM
Hiram College made an offer to kicker Alex Knight.

Football in Ohio
01-09-12, 01:42 PM
Just heard Nate Hoff made his commitment to the Naval Academy this past weekend! Excellent choice!:clap:

Congratulations to one of Solon's all-time great 4 yr. varsity starting football players!!:clap:

Be on the watch out Army, Nate's going to be in your face!!

Any update to Nick Davidson, Ryan Schwenke, Cory Stuart, or Tre Barksdale?? Also heard some DIII interested in Mike Dunn and Patrick Kramer! WOW!!! Wonder what class holds the record for the most atheletic college commitments for Solon.
Let's not forget about Jamie Glesing (basketball - Florida) and MAtt Smoral (baseball - UNC).

01-25-12, 05:54 PM
This afternoon it was reported by the PD that Tres Barksdale will play football at Georgetown University.

Georgetown plays football in the Patriot League and it was not readily known that they had offered so Tres must have moved quickly.

Good Luck Tres!

Football in Ohio
01-26-12, 11:54 AM
What a great group of young men.

The Parents, Teachers, and Coaches should all be very proud of Barksdale, Stuart, Schwenke, Hill, Davidson, Kramer, and Dunn who all have more than just interest from several colleges and universities to play football, more importantly attending some great colleges/universities.

Signing Day at Solon High School is Feb 1. at 2pm!

Barksdale - Georgetown
Stuart - verbal commits to Dayton
Schwenke - visiting Dayton, has offers (Academic and/or Athletic) from several DII and DIII teams
Hill - has serious considerations from John Carroll, Ashland, Mercy Hurst, and several others including Hiram, NDCL, and Mount Union
Kramer - Recently visited Mercy Hurst and several DII and DIII
Dunn - Several DIII have shown interest
Stock - Columbia
Hoff - Navy

Has Solon had this many football college commits before?

Congratulations to all the boys and parents!!

01-27-12, 12:24 PM
Great article about Steve Valentino in today's Plain Dealer, Friday, January 27, on page D8 in sports section, in the "Whatever Happened to..." former Solon football/basketball/baseball standout Steve Valentino" write-ups column, today written by Bob Fortuna.

01-27-12, 04:28 PM
Great article about Steve Valentino in today's Plain Dealer, Friday, January 27, on page D8 in sports section, in the "Whatever Happened to..." former Solon football/basketball/baseball standout Steve Valentino" write-ups column, today written by Bob Fortuna.

Thanks Hurri. That is a nice article. It gives a little insight into his preparation for Switzerland and also some career insight. For out-of-towners, here's the link:


02-02-12, 03:38 PM
On Wednesday's signing day, four Comet football players signed to play and this is the first posting here that Nick Davidson, the diminutive LB, would play at Notre Dame College. Congrats to Nick and to Paige Yaeger who signed for track at Dayton.

The article on the school site also said that in the near future, more college announcements will follow these:

Nick Davidson Football LB
3 Year Starter / Team Captain
MVP Defense Northeast Ohio Conference
First Team All Ohio
Notre Dame College

Nate Hoff Football OG/DT
4 Year Starter / Team Captain
First Team All Northeast Ohio Conference
Third Team All District
United States Naval Academy

Austin Stock Football Center
2 Year Starter
First Team All Northeast Ohio Conference
Columbia University

Cory Stuart Football WR
2 Year Starter
First Team All Northeast Ohio Conference
Special Mention All District
University of Dayton

Paige Yaeger Track
3 Year Letter Winner
2 Year Team Captain
All Northeast Ohio Conference 9 times/5 events
100 meter hurdles, 300 hurdles (3) 4x100 relay (2) 4x400 relay (2) 4x200 relay
All-Ohio Honors 3 events
2011 300 hurdles (4th place), 4x200 relay (4th place)
2010 4x100 relay (5th place)
University of Dayton

02-06-12, 10:25 PM
Junior DB/WR Darian Hicks is the first from the Class of 2013 to receive a football offer. FBS Boston College of the ACC was reported to have made the offer.

Darian's size is only 5'10" and 172# which is rather small for ACC play so his speed must have been the attraction.


On 02-07-2012 Scouting Ohio reported that Michigan State also made an offer to Darian. Guess the recruit group were in town and saw both Barksdale & Hicks

Anyone know about Tres Barksdale? It was reported two weeks ago that he was offered and gave a verbal acceptance to Georgetown over Ohio U. But last Wed. he did not sign a LOI and all has been quiet.

Anything about Schwenke's plans?

02-06-12, 10:41 PM
Bob Fortuna of the PD reports that Tres will not go to Georgetown but walk-on at Michigan State.

WOW! That's a tough order. Few ever succeed at it. You realize that he cannot practice with the team until fall classes start, i.e. he misses the first camp. Then he might be lucky to run a couple routes in practice. Hard to start a relationship with the team under those circumstances.

But, anythings possible as the salesman said. Good luck Tres. Make it work!

02-07-12, 10:19 AM
John Glavin, Solon's all-state lineman in 2000 did it @ Miami, and he became a starter. But It's tough. Really hard. You have to want it badly enough to persevere, and keep making your mark. Best of luck to the talented Tres up at East Lansing.

02-07-12, 12:31 PM
O.K., it's not a roaring river but a nice stream of boys from the football field at Solon to the University of Dayton. The PD today reported that Ryan Schwenke, DB/SS, 6'1", 180# has committed. Ryan was 2nd team All-Ohio, he's a good baseball player and likes snowboarding.

So Schwenke & Cory Stuart from this years recruiting class join Joe Janasek & Jake Voigt on the Flyer roster. They all follow fellow Comets Steve Valentino & Coach Kevin McCoy. Nice trend!

BTW, the two new footballers from Comet-land are not the only to sign. Paige Yaeger, committed to the Women's Track Team. She won All-Ohio Honors last season as a junior in 3 events.

http://www.scoutingohio.com/index.ph...file&user=6104 (http://www.scoutingohio.com/index.php/view-profile.html?task=userProfile&user=6104)

02-07-12, 03:32 PM
Great highlight video of Ryan. We will miss him @ Safety that is for sure. Best of luck to him and Cory whom we will certainly miss also, at receiver and safety. Fyers gain is our .....GRADUATED. :cool:

(thought I was going to type loss Gramps?)

02-20-12, 01:06 PM
Class of 2013 DB Darian Hick's has been busy since the offer by Boston College & visit/offer from head coach at Michigan State. He added the following schools to his offer tablet:

Penn State, Illinois, West Va., Louisville & Cincy

My, my, must be more size there than the stats show. Way to go Darian!:cool:

02-20-12, 01:29 PM
May he be shifted to safety this upcoming season? Solon lost both. He does have outstanding ability. And speed.

03-07-12, 08:13 PM
Purdue has made an offer to Darian Hicks.

This is quite a list for the 2013 graduate:

Boston College, Mich. State, Cincy, Louisville, West Va., Illini, Penn State, Purdue

Sure hope it works out for him; need to watch a Comet on Saturday TV games!

03-08-12, 05:23 PM
Purdue has made an offer to Darian Hicks.

This is quite a list for the 2013 graduate:

Boston College, Mich. State, Cincy, Louisville, West Va., Illini, Penn State, Purdue

Sure hope it works out for him; need to watch a Comet on Saturday TV games!

Another day, a couple more offers:

Add Akron & Iowa to Darian Hick's list of offers.

03-08-12, 08:58 PM
This list is really something for a Solon defensive back. Kim Herring, Steve Rodriguez, Scott Greenberg, Steve Valentino, are just a few of the truly great ball-hawks and cover guys. The past few seasons we have had some very good D-backs, Hicks, Humphrey, both Stuarts, Schwenke, Kresevic, and the list could go back to 1980's if I looked them up. Greg Genovese just popped into my alleged mind.

But Darian's offers are amazing.

03-14-12, 11:45 AM
Boston College is in our area news again as they made an offer to Drew Barksdale, Solon's 6', 170# junior WR.

BC of course was earlier attracted to Solon's DB Darian Hicks and has offered to Ben Gedeon of Hudson and Davon Munger of Shaker, two Comet opponents.

Barksdale's older brother Tres will be a preferred walk-on WR at Michigan State this fall and since some consider Drew as good or better athlete, it is not surprising that BC will be in what will become a hunt by several other programs for a good WR by the time next season is completed.

03-15-12, 05:57 PM
Some new interest in Alex Knight, the Comet placekicker.

A long time ago we learned of a Hiram College offer.

Now Walsh College is interested.

03-16-12, 07:43 AM
Vince Hill - DT/OG class of 2012 was offered by several DII and DIII schools. His committment as of last night is to Hiram. Vince will join Chris Dowdy (Solon Class of 2011) at Hiram.

Pat Kramer will be playing at John Carroll University, I've rheard from several sources as well. Best of luck to Patrick!

A credit to al the boys and the coaching staff to help get these boys in a position of sucess at the next level. Both Academically, as well as Athletically.

Hoff (Navy)
Stock (Columbia)
Hill (Hiram)
Kramer (John Carroll)
Davidson (Mount Union)
Schwenke (Dayton)
Barksdale (Michigan State)
Stuart (Dayton)
Dunn (not sure between football DIII and baseball)

Smoral (North Carolina or MLB)
circelli (Cinncy or Ohio) Not 100% sure
Dunn (not sure between football DIII and baseball)

WOW very impressive group of young men and ladies as part of the SOlon Class of 2012 including as mentioned Paige (track-Dayton) and Jamie G (basketball-Florida Golf Coast). WHo knows what other swimming, Lacrosse, and other athletes still have opportunities.

Congrats one and all!!

03-29-12, 08:30 PM
Another day, a couple more offers:

Add Akron & Iowa to Darian Hick's list of offers.

This week Darian Hicks got an offer from Indiana.

04-01-12, 11:54 AM
Congratulations to Alex Knight who just chose to placekick at Walsh!


(Hard to find a kicker Smilie!)

04-13-12, 08:48 AM
Darian got a Syracuse offer.

04-30-12, 05:10 PM
Darian Hicks received an offer from the University of Virginia.

Steve Greer had a nice carer there even under two coaches.

Sam Coverdale of Kenston High also got a Virginia offer.

04-30-12, 09:11 PM
Darian waiting foe an offer from the U. Hurricane Hicks! :cool:

04-30-12, 09:26 PM
Darian Hicks received an offer from the University of Virginia.

Steve Greer had a nice carer there even under two coaches.

Sam Coverdale of Kenston High also got a Virginia offer.

Grandpa, where do you go for your information? How many offers for Darian now? Has Drew gotten any other offers?

These colleges should also be looking at George Berry. That young man is one outstanding football player.

05-01-12, 08:07 AM
Summarizing for you guys:

Darian Hicks has reported 13 offers incl:
VA; Syr.; IN; IA; Akron; Purdue; Penn St.; IL; WVU; Louisville; Cincy; Mich St.; Boston Col. (glad to see at least two Ohio programs involved!)

Drew Barksdale has announced two offers: Boston College; Akron

George Berry will need to impress fast in this upcoming season to catch recruiters attention. He has no offers that are public information yet. I'm sure he has mail from smaller programs.

05-01-12, 03:37 PM
Pittsburgh offer reported today:

Darian Hicks:

Height: 5 ft - 10 inches
Weight: 172 lbs
Position: DB-Cornerback
Class of: 2013
City: Solon
State: Ohio
Rank: 100

FBS Division 1 Offers: Boston College, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Louisville, West Virginia, Illinois, Penn State, Purdue, Akron, Iowa, Indiana, Syracuse, Virginia, Pittsburgh

(Grandpa1 reports Mich State is warmest of the 14!)

05-02-12, 12:29 PM
Darian Hicks received an offer from Minnesota.

It should be reported that in March he made an unofficial visit to tOSU. Maybe the couple of scholies they were shorted were intended for guys like Darian? Funny that so many others are offering. Do we still think they know what's going on down in Columbus?

BTW, that "warmer" sign came up for Michigan State. His official visit there was for "Junior Day" on Feb 5th. BUT...he made an unofficial visit there on April 24th; hence the "warmer" sign!

That's all for today from Hicks News Central.

05-09-12, 12:28 PM
Grandpa, where do you go for your information? How many offers for Darian now? Has Drew gotten any other offers?

These colleges should also be looking at George Berry. That young man is one outstanding football player.

Try Rivals.com, Scout.com, ESPN.com, and Scoutingohio.com.

05-11-12, 04:56 AM
:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

05-11-12, 10:19 AM

05-11-12, 11:12 AM
:help: :hello: :help:

05-12-12, 10:23 AM
Try Rivals.com, Scout.com, ESPN.com, and Scoutingohio.com.

I know that already. Believe me, I am fully familiar with all the scouting databases. Give me credit for a little sophistication, at least. But Grandpa is reporting this stuff often before it appears in all the databases. That's why I wondered about his source.

05-24-12, 05:25 PM
Drew Barksdale stands with three reported offers:

Boston College, Akron, Air Force

My comments: The military academies must make hundreds & hundreds of offers each year to achieve their final recruiting class. It is an honor to receive one, but only a small percentage are accepted. It is such a complete change of lifestyle along with finding time for sport...and the AF is a far distance away, even by jet!.

BC seems to make a lot of offers to Ohio boys; way more than any other ACC team. Some of it is related to their connection with Catholic Schools while some must be the result of having an active regional recruiter. Again, their success in Ohio is limited because of distance.

For Barksdale, I would think that Akron is the warmest and appears to be the level of program that might result in more offers over summer & into his senior season.

05-28-12, 02:57 PM
I was over on JJHuddle today, looking at their list of Ohio's Top 100 senior prospects. I was pleased and a little surprised to see three Comets on the list: Drew Barksdale at #100; Khoury Crenshaw at #96; and Darian Hicks at #23.

I was mildly surprised to see Crenshaw's name on the list, because I just hadn't heard much buzz about him. The site listed Khoury as 6-0, 185, which I'm sure is generous. The Plain Dealer listed him at 165 the other day. If Khoury reports for football practice at 170 pounds, I'll be pleased. If he's anywhere between 175 and 185, I'll be ecstatic.

Oh, I almost forgot. JJHuddle reports that Crenshaw has been offered by Akron.

Some other local notables on the list were Mentor's Mitch Trubisky at #5 and Hudson's Ben Gedeon at #11.

For what it's worth, I still think recruiters are missing the boat on George Berry. Ryan Pastor, too. :mad:

05-28-12, 03:01 PM
While I'm on the subject, good luck to Khoury, Darian and all the other Comet tracksters at the state meet. All of Solon is rooting for you!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

05-31-12, 05:03 PM
Ohio University has made an offer to Drew Barksdale.

So the competition is building in Ohio with both Akron & Ohio U. offering.

The two others are Air Force & Boston College.

06-04-12, 09:17 PM
Khoury Crenshaw reports two offers; Kent State & Div.2 Eastern Illinois. His profile also shows that Akron made an offer earlier that we missed.

Here's suspecting that once his high school Junior year track season ended with a 1st. place in the 100 meters, he found the time to get his football matters reported. Also suspect the news of his state meet success (100 & 4th place in 200 m.) will expedite a few more offers.

Congratulations Khoury on your state track finals results!!!

06-12-12, 05:42 PM
Toledo has made an offer to Darian Hicks.

06-17-12, 03:46 PM
Miami of Ohio has offered Darian Hicks.

He certainly will have a choice of programs to pick one where he can excel.

Still waiting on the Hurricanes!

06-20-12, 07:23 PM
Every time I look at the list of offers to Darian Hicks incl. all those Big Ten guys, I wonder where the OSU staff stands. There are eight out of 11 schools on his list somewhere. OSU is missing with an offer!

Two out of three recruiting sites list Ohio State as an "interest" and he did make a campus visit (of course he made two Mich. State visits).

One scout report says Hicks is not the fastest nor the biggest but he does "play fast on video". If OSU waits to see him in person in September, the pressure may be so great that he's pushed into a summer decision.

If anyone hears anything, post it because Scouting Ohio is a Private site until the season starts (they are getting paid by the colleges they list) so info is harder to come by in the "free market".:help:

06-21-12, 07:51 AM
Committed to Michigan State as of today.

06-22-12, 12:45 PM
I'm glad Darian signed with Michigan State and got his recruitment out of the way before his senior season starts. He's going to be a standout at the next level. I'm looking forward to the day when Hicks and Barksdale are both in the Spartans' starting lineup.