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10-11-07, 10:53 AM
I heard from Comet Ron that Ricky had an emergency appendectomy and is gone for the season. If this is correct I want to thank him for his play and leadership for the past three years. And he will be missed on the field. #42

10-11-07, 02:50 PM
The report of Tonelli surgery on another forum Tuesday said he would be laid up 2 weeks. That didn't sound right for a football player. Even if his appendix was removed by the laparoscopy proceedure, any return would be amazing. It would be nice to have him in 3 weeks though, at least on one side of the ball.

Who will get most of the snaps at FB? After looking at the roster carefully, I realize how "big" it is to have a 6' running back in Solon; plenty of shorter guys.

Don't tell me it would be Tim Janasek or Jeff Skonezny, more 2-way players.

Too bad Wilkerson couldn't get along.

Would somebody check every play and report how many played the FB position Friday?

10-11-07, 03:21 PM
Well GrandPa, it could be Jayvee star Eric Smoloff, or John Hirsh, or Joe Janasek. Smoloff is5'7" 165, quick start, and has speed to go distance, Hirsh is 6'1",190, also fast, Joe Janasek starts at linebacker, 6' 172. What other website had this info, Clev.com? Ron told me out for rest of season but he was relying on source. Beside at fullback, we'll miss Ricky at defensive end in the rotation.

10-11-07, 04:06 PM
Whatever happens Ricky, thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Solon nation appreciates it!!!

10-11-07, 06:27 PM
First of all, I want to wish Ricky a speedy recovery. He's a great kid and it is sad to see something like this happen to a kid like Ricky at such an important stage in his career.

I heard from some parents and players today that Ricky should be out two weeks. He's expected to return in time for the Strongsville game.

As far as a replacement goes, I imagine that John Hirsch will get the start at fullback this week at Elyria. Eric Smoloff is out this week with an injury. He'll be OK and I'm told he'll be able to play against Medina.

Solon should be in pretty good shape the next two weeks. Elyria and Medina aren't the toughest opponents. Hirsch should be the fullback this week. I imagine that Janasek and either Tony Davidson or Austin Hood will be the backups. Next week, Smoloff might get his chance.

I believe the Comets will be in good shape at fullback.