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07-26-07, 06:02 AM
Any detail on the 7 on 7 from last night??? Getting closer to show time! :cool:

07-26-07, 08:24 AM
Although it is early in the season, I thought that the team looked very good. High energy and a lot of confidence on the field. Looking at the 1 offense, Zach looked stronger than last year, better pace on the ball. Fade routes could use some attention, but not surprising this early that "touch " is not there. Tyler caught everything that was thrown within 5 yards, big strong wide-out with great hands. Ricky looks lke a beast and Jimmy has put on some muscle as well. Justin did the snapping with the 1 unit. The under routes looked very very good.

On the defensive side, the LBs look very solid, both Jeff amd Steve had a pick or two. Tyler ate em up at the corner.

Again while it is early and the competition was not of Solon's class, leadership is clearly emerging! The routes looked crisp and the timing was good (not great but good). I'd give them a B+.

PS...No Louisiana transfer...

07-26-07, 09:57 AM
Have to agree SolonDad, Comets looked good most plays, offense and defense. It was good to see Samuels out there and picking off a pass, Ruby also. Rodman, Cuccia, Matt Piscitello, all played great. #13 was impressive, Brillhart did pass well, tried to keep an eye on Jake also playing, with second team at Q.B. and defensive back. Actually saw Brillhart getting reps at def.back also. Of course, Tonelli always looks good in Comet blue as does Greer and Skonezny. I am expecting Joe Janasek to be a standout, a little more weight might be good. The Q.B. battle may heat up in scrimmages, and may the best man win starting nod, but with Zach, John, and Jake so much will depend on the offensive line coming together. The receivers look fine.

And hopefully Bryce Coleman will get his share of passes coming his way along with anyone else playing tight end.

Yep, it seems the Louisiana lad is going back home to play. It would have been interesting though with his experience on state runner-up champ. team.

I did have trouble with many numbers but I'll have it down after Warren Harding scrimmage. Warren JFK and Independence had their positive moments for sure. :cool:

07-27-09, 08:28 PM
Hmmmm, anyone out there tonight, July 27th, 2009? :) How about a recap on the action. Hurry please. Hurri :cool:

07-27-09, 09:31 PM
Tony set the tone for the Maple Heights scrimmage with a jarring hit on the first play of the scrimmage. I don't think Tony wanted to hear any more noice from the very talkative bunch from Maple Heights.

Nice job Tony !! NOT IN OUR HOUSE as they say. First D and Offense looked very good against Maple. I don't think first Defense gave up a TD and First Offense scored at will. Meyerson, Lemus, Baldwin, Branstetter, Rosenberg, Hicks and Gibson all caught balls. Jake threw it around for all to enjoy. Hammonds maybe a nice catch up the middle for a TD. Barksdale made a nice catch in the corner for a TD. Jake delivered both balls on the money.

All looks good. 7 on 7's are hard to judge with no line play as we all know, but we did throw it well and defended it well.

Go Comets.

07-27-09, 09:44 PM
Hurri, where were you? BUCKS told me you were coming. I thought jimbo started a thread on today's scrimmage until I read about Zach and Jimmy and Tyler. Talk about a time warp!!!

Anyway, Solon faced Warren JFK, Independence, Cuyahoga Falls, Maple Heights and Padua. Overall, the Comets looked pretty good, although with players at so many different levels seeing action, and opponents of a variety of talent levels, the performance is bound to be a little uneven.

The Comets started off with Cuyahoga Falls. Falls' passing game was no match for Solon's defense. Not only did the Tigers fail to score, they had trouble completing a pass. Solon broke up 8-10 passes and picked off at least three. Cameron Stuart had a couple and Jovon Johnson had one.

Offensively, Solon looked a little rusty at first but scored a few TDs. Meyerson looked good; so did David Gibson and Max Branstetter.

Next, Solon scrimmaged Warren JFK and Independence. The match with JFK went much like Falls', though the Eagles had a better QB and receivers. The Comets played only reserves and JVs vs. Independence.

Against Maple, Solon's passing game began to click. Jake Voigt started hitting his targets on all types of routes. He threw bullets vs. Maple. Darryl Baldwin, Ryan Rosenberg and others all caught TDs. Maple scored only once against Solon's first team D. Again, the secondary did a good job jumping passing lanes, picking off a couple of tosses.

The Comets ended the day by playing reserves against Padua's starters. I was surprised by this, because Padua and Maple were clearly the better of the four opponents and Padua had the best passing QB that Solon faced. Padua executed with precision, while Maple was really athletic. The fact that Solon played its best against the most talented opponent is a good sign. The Comets really dominated Maple.

In today's scrimmage, Chris Humphrey was the #2 QB, so he probably won't be playing any WR. Tres Barksdale, Kevin Hicks, David Gibson and Max Branstetter got most of the backup duty behind Lemus and Meyerson. Darryl and Rosenberg both looked good at TE.

Tim Bertolone, Tony Davidson and Jovon Johnson were the starting LBs. A. J. Hicks was out with a sore ankle. Vince Hill, Aaron Penn, Michael Dunn and a couple of guys I didn't recognize were backup LBs.

Kevin Hicks, Cameron Stuart, Humphrey and Kevin Berlocker started in the secondary. All looked good today; Stuart was exceptional. C.J. Jackson, Ray Hallman, Brandon Smith and Lemus were the backups.

Of course, those lineups aren't set in stone and it's possible one or two spots might change hands between now and the start of the season.

07-27-09, 09:49 PM
BUCKS is right. Maple did a lot of chirping. Tony did level the guy who crossed into his zone. The Mustangs didn't stop yapping but after that play, it was clear which team was boss.

07-27-09, 09:51 PM
Ask and you shall receive. Thanks guys. I could not make it tonight. I really wanted to come, but it's good to get the wrap from you two. Thanks.


07-27-09, 09:55 PM
Hurri, call me when you get the chance.