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  1. Stop the namecalling and personal attacks
  2. Would you approve of neighborhood watch drones?
  3. Income Gap
  4. TED Talks
  5. Sowell on Slavery
  6. Susan Rice...her lie lives on....
  7. Why do people vote for democrats?
  8. Given the Choice between a Corrupt, or an Idiot. which is the better choice?
  9. The Holy Bible
  10. President for life!
  11. The reason you don't register guns.....ever.
  12. Jan Brewer Caves
  13. Republicans at it again!
  14. Harry Reid, at it again!
  15. Marco Rubio Blasts Communism
  16. Co GreenPeace Founder: No Evidence That Global Warming is Caused By Humans....
  17. My brother's keeper
  18. When can I shoot?
  19. How many other countries could Putin invade before America intervenes?
  20. Points To Consider about Arizona
  21. Ancient Aliens....Show
  22. Lance Armstrong's last ride?
  23. Girl sues parents for college tuition
  24. Gay HairDresser Refuses to Cut NM Governor's Hair
  25. Republicans vs Democrats In the Treatment of Women
  26. Obama to delay obamascam until after November election..how convenient
  27. Lois Lerner pleads the 5th again....but Obama claims not a smidgeon of corruption
  28. Ohioans are a bunch of porkers
  29. Just freaking wow.
  30. Uso
  31. Obama can't spell Respect!
  32. Senate Republicans Get Tough Re: Ukraine
  33. Humans Don't Contribute to Global Warming, On A Large Scale
  34. Bill I am a Ideologue de Blasio versus The Children-WSJ
  35. Obama still vacationing/golfing....
  36. Obama's Pals and Their Special Exemptions
  37. Those aging white guys are losing the base
  38. Pelosi's Candidate Loses in Florida
  39. Why You Should Vote FOR Republicans
  40. Osteen... the next Jim Bakker?
  41. Wages
  42. Great Unsung Stars
  43. Obama tramples constitution again...forces companies to pay overtime
  44. Obama now adding "hardship exemptions" to Obamacar
  45. Were Paul Ryan's comments racist?
  46. Fred Phelps near death
  47. Missing plane
  48. The ultimate insult?
  49. PJ Orourke Amicus brief to the SCOTUS
  50. Obama still can't tell us how many people have paid their Obamacare Premiums...
  51. Solution for death penalty "cruel and unusual" argument
  52. APS Prepared to Change It's Position on Global Warming?
  53. Income Inequality Under Obama Explodes
  54. The Looney Left
  55. Finally, Texas shows some good sense
  56. I Have a Question for Liberals
  57. Liberal "Tolerance"
  58. So is the ACA really as bad as the conservatives claim?
  59. Common Core Standards Are Good For Your Kids, But, Not The Kids of Bill Gates.....
  60. March 31st deadline for signing up for OBamascam delayed again
  61. Every few months.....
  62. Noah!
  63. Gop 2016
  64. Democratic Candidate- 2016
  65. Ryan Budget
  66. Mark Sanford running unopposed
  67. Bill O"Reilly anniversary coming soon
  68. Anyone here heard of Leland Yee?
  69. Gay Tolerance..... Not so much......
  70. Bobby Jindal's Health Plan
  71. Jim Jordan vs. Eric Holder
  72. Will this ever get old?
  73. "CBS has just declared war on the Heartland of America"
  74. ACA: Greatest Scam Ever?
  75. Hate crimes & senseless killings
  76. New Yorkers burn gun registration forms
  77. Liberals: Rules are for You- Not For Us
  78. Racism at ... Harvard?!?
  79. Harry Reid on Bundy Ranch Seige
  80. Liberal Hypocrisy on Firearms
  81. Obama administration retaliated against S+P?
  82. Jews ordered to register in Eastern Ukriane
  83. Most transparent Administration ... EVAH!!!
  84. Poll worker convicted of voter fraud applauded by Dems at voting "rights" rally
  85. Has the Cold War re-started?
  86. Way to go Supreme Court
  87. Happy Earth Day
  88. The Growth of Government, Out of Control?
  89. How the Obama's spent Easter Sunday
  90. Allen West article...must read.
  91. Brockman: modern day Tackleberry?
  92. Shaquile Oneal makes fun of man born with genetic condition...should he be banned?
  93. Benghazi Confirmation
  94. Obama Spends 3 million dollars of tax payers money on golf trips in 2014
  95. end of the death penalty?
  96. Unemployment Rate drops to 6.3%.
  97. This is Too Good.............
  98. 2014 CEDA tournament at Indiana University
  99. Obama..sticking his nose again where it doesn't belong
  100. Dialysis and Transplants- A Industry of Hypocrisy that Costs The Taxpayer Billions
  101. A Basic Question for Liberals on Health Care
  102. Imagine This Health Care for $29-$49 Per Month, Visit MD Every Day
  103. Jon Stewart Trying to Compare Iraq and Benghazi
  104. Where Republicans are wrong/ Where Democrats are wrong
  105. Obama Blows off Deals With GOP-Creating Era of Bad Feelings- Michael Barone
  106. Really. Thought She was a Groundhog.
  107. My Experience in Working for the Government By NDXUFan
  108. Old British King George III is Having a Great Laugh......
  109. Jaden R. 2016
  110. By Jinx or By Plan?
  111. Nancy Pelosi "two families called and said the want the investigation to end"
  112. Liberals- What They Say and What They Do
  113. Kerry and the Cayman Islands-Boston Globe
  114. High Gas Prices- Michael Moore Profits
  115. Magic Johnson/Donald Sterling Conspiracy?
  116. Trey Gowdy Silences the media in 3 minutes
  117. LOL America
  118. Pope Francis loves Martians too....
  119. Sick of Political Correctness
  120. Senseless Death???
  121. John Kasick applauds Obamas auto bail out
  122. Gaslighting...
  123. Our President is Always Kept Out of The Loop
  124. Obama Uses Law Enforcement to Punish Political Dissent.......
  125. Stephen A. Smith doing work
  126. Liberals, The Facts They Seem to Lose.......
  127. My Proposal for Health Care.......
  128. For-Profit Charter Schools a Failure in Ohio
  129. Sterling
  130. Please Read This If You Love Our Military
  131. Veterans suing the VA?
  132. Is Obama The Modern Day Neville Chamberlain?
  133. Corde Valley Golf and a Very Swanky and Exclusive Club......
  134. Rats abondoning the ship
  135. If True, Crony Capitalism at Its Worst.........
  136. Thanks again Obama!
  137. Illegal Immigration by Children........
  138. Voters are dumb....
  139. President Obama has succeeded...
  140. Beiber makes 2 racist comments gets slap on wrist, Sterling has to sell team
  141. "The truth about Nixon"
  142. God Speed Chester Nez
  143. Has the "racist" card been overplayed?
  144. Can an Opinion be right or wrong?
  145. Whoa: did not know this
  146. Paying off the terrorists as well?
  147. Vaccinations are important
  148. Bergdahl's Platoon Responds to Obama Sycophants
  149. Graduation Cords of Distinction?
  150. Eric Cantor Loses Primary
  151. The Bergdahl Release and Benghazi Connection
  152. Iraq, What do we do now?
  153. Cakes & Flakes II
  154. IRS: So… Our Computer Crashed And Erased All Of Lois Lerner’s Emails
  155. The Results of Liberal Policy
  156. "See you in New York"
  157. Obama invading Iraq
  158. Obie's New Narrative
  159. Liberals, What Do You Think of This?
  160. Racist of Correct?
  161. Should Oklahoma be forced to change it's name?
  162. Rick Perry: Homosexuality and Alcoholism
  163. Paul Ryan Destroys IRS Commissioner
  164. Morris on Hillary Clinton
  165. For All Liberals- Morris on Sarah Palin
  166. Wages
  167. Is Benghazi a Lot Bigger then People think?
  168. Do you fly the colors?
  169. Sowell: Obama and the Art of Phoniness
  170. Hillary: It's OK that Bill and I are rich because unlike some we did it by hard work
  171. A Word To The Wise
  172. Are The Clintons Like You??? No, Not Really.............
  173. The sure things in life:
  174. Year five of the recovery and........
  175. Republicans: If you had to vote in 2016 primary today...
  176. Is being left handed deviant?
  177. Had a Very Interesting Conversation with a Liberal Attorney
  178. I Wish I Could Take Credit For This Post.....
  179. The Media is not Biased? Read This.........
  180. Is Soccer Catching on in US?
  181. The Growth Of Government: 1980 To 2012-Forbes
  182. Goldman & the Next Bubble?
  183. Law Prof Who Specializes In Poverty Makes$205,400 – Teaching One Class Per Semester
  184. With Tuition Rising, UNLV Students urious At Hillary’s $225,200 Speaking Fee
  186. Hillary Tells The Truth About Obama
  187. Bill 'we're not rich' Clinton spends $7,700 on14 wristwatches to give away as gifts
  188. America vs. Brazil. Slavery
  189. Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby
  190. Half Of Detroit Households Get What They Deserve
  191. Liberals Help Their Good Friend Donald Sterling.............
  192. The Real Liberal Agenda
  193. Ghetto, Poverty or a state of mind?
  194. Think About This.........
  195. Do Republicans Really Believe in Federalism?
  196. Is it possible to have a world sporting event without massive corruption?
  197. I find it hard to believe but . . .
  198. Say it ain't so!
  199. Obama & Oil - Say What????
  200. The GOP likes to spend too!
  201. Liberals and Democrats War on Blacks......
  202. Think About This.........
  203. A Liberal Paradise.....
  204. Republicans debate foreign policy
  205. Colleges Not Practicing What They Preach.....
  206. Make The Patient The Cutomer
  207. New Fetus Assault Law In Effect
  208. Michael Sam......ESPY Award????
  209. Israel
  210. Locked Threads
  211. The Price Of My Used Boeing 777 Just Went Up
  212. Did Russia shoot down Malaysian jet?
  213. NYPD chokes man to death
  214. Meeting the illegal immigration problem head on
  215. A Message From Obama
  216. More IRS computers have problems?
  217. America, a Racist Society, Not Hardly......
  218. Paul Ryan and poverty
  219. Dodd-Frank; the failure that is still not complete
  220. A Devastating Poll on Obama and Obamacare- Michael Barone
  221. Americans that dislike Obama have it backwards
  222. Black Republican Makes a Fool of White Liberal
  223. Joe Biden in His Own Words-2007
  224. US Military / Iraq
  225. Whoopi Defends Stephen A. Smith-"If You Hit a Man Don’t Be Surprised if He hits Back"
  226. Classic Rock vs. everything else
  227. 12 Minutes with Rand Paul
  228. Impeachment??
  229. The Real Stephen Colbert Not So Liberal...?
  230. Barney Frank Admits Obama Lied..........
  231. R**skins name change still a Hot Topic
  232. Afghan soldier guns down US Major General Harold Greene
  233. Obama Facts Going into The Midterms
  234. Liberals, Facts are Not Their Strong Suit
  235. Nixon and Obama
  236. Another NYPD Cop KILLING
  237. Truth About Liberals
  238. Tolerate or Be Stamped Out
  239. Will The Real Charlie Crist Please Stand Up?
  240. St. Louis
  241. LAPD shoots and kills unarmed mentally disabled man.
  242. Low-Salt Diets Shown to Pose Health Risks-WSJ
  243. Reagan-Real Economic Growth and Leadership
  244. Watertown Part II
  245. why do cops?
  246. Philadelphia's civil asset forfeiture being challenged in court
  247. Absolutely shameless money grab
  248. Here’s what happened on July 1, 2014.........
  249. America's direction under the control of the media
  250. Required Economic Reading For All Liberals.....