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  1. Who will win the American League in 2018?
  2. Who will win the National League in 2018?
  3. Did you like the Cleveland Browns First Round Picks this year?
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  5. Who will win the NBA Eastern Conference?
  6. Who will win the NBA Western Conference?
  7. Greatest NBA Player of All-Time?
  8. Today is World Wish Day. What's your favorite way to make a wish?
  9. Who is the greatest NFL QB of All-Time?
  10. Which of these upcoming movie releases are you most looking forward to?
  11. Who will win American Idol in 2018?
  12. Favorite Ohio Professional Team?
  13. Best value for Ohio Minor League baseball?
  14. Favorite Current TV Show?
  15. Best Indoor Waterpark in Ohio?
  16. Best Movie Based In Ohio?
  17. Best NCAA Basketball Program In Ohio?
  18. Best Ohio State Quarterback?
  19. Best Browns QB Since Their Return To Cleveland?
  20. Best Ohio Amusement Park?
  21. Best Big City (100,000+) In Ohio?
  22. Which Ohio NFL team will win a Super Bowl first?
  23. Best Ohio Public University?
  24. Best Ohio State Running Back?
  25. Who will win the Eastern Conference Championship - Cleveland or Boston
  26. Should Ohio Legalize Sports Gambling?
  27. Favorite Season In Ohio?
  28. Greatest Sports Figure From Ohio
  29. Best region in Ohio? (NE, NW, SE, SW, Central)
  30. Worst Season by Cleveland Franchise in Major Sports?
  31. Best TV Show set in Ohio?
  32. Best President From Ohio?
  33. Who will win the NBA Championship?