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1. Introducing the Yappi 2012 Fall Sports Shoutout Page.
2. Shoutouts are for families and friends to show their support for their players, cheerleaders, teams and/or band members.
3. Shoutouts are also a great way for businesses to show their support for their local team with a link to their webpage.
4. This page will be archived for everyone to look back at the 2012 fall season.
5. The cost is only $10 and helps to build a better website and create lasting memories.
Good luck Springfield
Go Spartans!
2012 Football
Go Green Bulldogs!
Good luck to all fall athletes Got Game Sports
I support Yappi
the Bombers!
T-Town Beatdown
Defending SL Champs
Proud Tallmadge Alum
Best of luck to all Massillon
athletes in the 2012-13
school year. Go Tigers!
. .
Great for businesses
Go Football Team!!
Business Name
. . . . . .
Shoutout to your favorite
2012 fall athlete
cheerleader, or team
. . . . . .